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Andrew Starkey's First Semester Projects

Welcome to my Website! This is my second year of programming, and this year we are learning C# (C Sharp)

I hope to continue GITA throughout highschool, and hopefully get a career in this field in the future!

We use Visual Studios to make our projects, you can download it here

Goodbye Program 9/19

In this Program we changed "Goodbye" into different languages
Help Page 9/24

In this program we created a help page for our fake companies
Mailing Label 9/26

In this program we can provide your mailing label with your information
Car Rental 1 10/4

In This program we simulated a car rental buisiness
BMI Program 10/10

This program calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index)
Car Rental 2 10/17

This is like the first with extra options
Test Score 10/19

We calculate your test scores and compare them
Dice Game 10/25

Roll some dice for fun
Craps 11/1

Gamble on craps and lose your money
Slot Machine 11/14

Another way to lose your money
T-Shirt Program 12/5

Order some fake shirts
Football Presentation 1/5

You like Football? No? Well then read about College Football
Fish 1/17

In this project you can watch a fish swim around
Fish 2 2/2

In this project you can watch a fish swim around while getting chased by a shark
N Factorial 2/6

This calculator does funny equations
Tic-Tac-Toe 2/15

In this project you can play the famous game by yourself, or with a friend
Basic AI 3/7

We made a self moving image, while you can control one and shoot the AI
Starfield 3/8

You can watch some pretty stars fly by
Space Invaders 3/21

Play a mini Space Invaders
Save the world from a scary Ogre!